Oneouter.com happened by accident.

One day I was reading a book called “Market Wizards”, it’s basically a collection of interviews with various players on wall street. Naturally I thought of poker, and how cool it would be to speak to the best poker players on the planet….

This site is my personal quest to do just that…….

My plan is to interview as many of the planets top poker players….

I will do this by using my wit, charm and charisma (in that order)! I will also be relying on so many friends of friends of friends, that I may not have any friends left in the end!

I will chat, barter and blag my way to grabbing a piece of their valuable time. The reason………to learn as much as I can from them. What’s in it for you?? You get access to all the interviews and info just for being here and looking at my site!


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