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Oneouter.com are delighted to partner with the fantastic geniuses over at poker training site PokerXFactor.com

PokerXFactor.com are now sponsors of the Oneouter.com podcast.

The PokerXFactor.com Training Center is the most advanced poker instruction facility available online today with hundreds of poker videos, the PXF Hand History Replayer, Poker Blogs, and in-depth articles. PokerXFactor subscribers also have access to the PXF community through our interactive chat sessions, discussion forums, and online Home Games.

Throughout this sponsorship deal, PokerXFactor.com will be providing a sponsored strategy segment for the Oneouter.com podcast.

This strategy segment will involve little hints and tips from some of their brilliant instructors over at PokerXFactor.com

They include some of the top names in poker today,

Alex “AJKHoosier1” Kamberis

Scott “bigriskky” Clements

And of course Cliff “johnnybax” Josephy and Eric “Sheets” Haber


As a special offer to celebrate this partnership,

Oneouter.com listeners receive a $20 discount off the price of a PokerXFactor.com membership.

Just go to http://www.PokerXFactor.com and sign up today,

Just enter ONEOUTER in the box labeled coupon code to receive the $20 discount.


I really hope you enjoy the PokerXFactor.com strategy segment in the Oneouter.com podcasts, they will be at about the half way point of each podcast.

This should provide a pleasant and informative break from my voice!



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