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It’s been a while since I added new (actually ANY!!) content to my little site. It feels kind of hard to top both the interviews so far! Arguably the best online cash game player in the world just now (jungleman12) and of course the great Phil Hellmuth. Did I peak to early?? 🙂

Another reason for the lack of content is that I have been really busy playing poker myself and working on my old game and building a bankroll!  I have been putting in crazy (for me) amounts of volume online recently and have played more hands of online cash in the last month, than in the entire previous two years!! (NOT AN EXAGGERATION!)

Anyway, I have already completed TWO NEW INTERVIEWS in 2011 and the first should be on soon.

I just need to edit some parts as some of my questions became distorted in the recording and it sounds like Colin Firth in the Kings Speech asking the questions!!!

I will continue to get as many top players interviewed on the site so that anyone can learn from them and pick up some wisdom.

The last interview I completed was with well known online cash grinder Dusty “leatherass” Schmidt, this guy has played like 9 million hands and is a scary consistent winner!

I can honestly say that content wise (particularly if you play online cash games) It is really, really good and should be listened to!

I’m looking to start blogging more regularly as well and I may as well use for this purpose, it will be a general mishmash of poker and both semi and non related poker musings!

I have a few plans for 2011 for and hopefully it will bloom 🙂

OH, and before I forget! If you haven’t got your free £5 (NO DEPOSIT NEEDED!) then just sign up for an poker account through the advert on the homepage.


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