New Monthly Oneouter Tournaments on William Hill

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With some more amazing added prizes.

Thanks to everyone who played and supported the tournaments.

Chance to win 1 on 1 private Poker coaching with Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald and lots more added prizes!!

To play these tournaments you will need to set up a William Hill poker account HERE and use promotional code ONEPODCAST when signing up.

The buy in is only $5 as I wanted it to be accessible to all listeners and bankrolls.


Over the next 6 months there will be 6 tournaments exclusive to podcast listeners.

In the tournaments section of William Hill Poker, just click on the magnifying glass icon + search oneouter to find the tournaments in the lobby.

The password for the tournaments is ginger

Sunday, 23rd June  (WON BY nofoldJAA)

Sunday, 14th July, 19:00 (WON BY swavsav1)

Sunday, 18th August (WON BY plrivrdu2)

Sunday, 15th September (WON BY sm3llypOOp)

Sunday, 20th October, 19:00 (WON BY 75P4ulo )

Sunday, 17th November, 19:00 (WON BY 75P4ulo)

On top of the tournament $ prizepool. The winner of each monthly tournament will get the following…

Free 1 month subscription to our Poker Strategy partner Plus a t-shirt + the prize money for 1st of course!

There will also be a bounty on my head every tournament and hopefully some previous guests will be playing in some of the tournaments (there will be bounties on them also!!).

Players who make a final table will also be awarded league points.

1st (10 points), 2nd (7 points) 3rd, (5 points) 4th (3 points) 5th-9th (1 point)

Player with the most points after the 6th tournament will receive a 1hr, One to One lesson with my friend and tournament beast! Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald.

Really big thanks to Alex for generously adding this prize.

The winner of the league will also win a 6 month membership with our strategy & training partners

Thanks so much to the guys there for donating this prize.

See Current League Standings at the bottom of this post.

I would really like to see as many listeners as possible play these tournaments as it helps support the podcast and keep the electric on at HQ (aka my bedroom!)

Please show your support for the podcast and get involved for only $5

Sign up for a William Hill Poker account HERE today or by clicking the banner below (you must use ONEPODCAST as the promotional code)


William Hill Poker



Trouble999  &  75P4ulo both finished on 21 points, and are crowned JOINT League Champions!!

Trouble999 receives the lesson with Alex + 6 Months membership after 75P4ulo decided he would be happy with poker books and merchandise instead. This meant there was no need for a brutal tiebreaker! So thanks for that 75P4ulo.

TROUBLE999 please email to arrange your 1hr lesson with Alex and 6 months membership at 

warez111 (15pts)

nofoldjAA (13pts)

svavsav1 (10pts)

plrivrdu2 (11pts)

sm3llypOOp (11pts)

IanSki309 (11pts)

oneoutercom (9pts)

KilltheKiller (7pts)

 BamC171209 (7pts)

HOPHILL (7pts)

SEFHIipugfipWGE (5pts)

warbirds777 (5pts)

AndrewfromVL (4pts)

BottomPairWins (4pts)

whgam (3pts)

BronzeYohn (2pts)

Jewsildur1 (2pts)

Coopy03 (1pt)

mrdeluxe65 (1pt)


shane837wh (1pt)

McChipski (1pt)

Dundeekidpoker (1pt)

PoeticJustice7 (1pt)

Chicoace (1pt)

CCGav (1pt)

donwan66 (1pt)

MasterDingDong (1pt)

Malphas1 (1pt)

Pokerbella84 (1pt)

Kelbatron (Zero)

outletbitii (Zero)

SpitVenom39 (Zero)

T3ALC (Zero)

William Hill Poker

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