Mike Wolf Interview Podcast

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Podcast with Surebetpoker.com Pro Mike Wolf

Poker writer, cash game grinder and 2+2 legend

The latest Oneouter.com podcast is with Mike Wolf.

In my mind, Mike is a living example of an old school poker pro! He has lived basically as a homeless poker player, living out of his car, sleeping on beaches, you name it! All so he can travel and grind live cash poker.

Mike is the subject of a legendary 2+2 thread that details his trials and tribulations of being a homeless poker pro! Living out of his car and grinding live cash games across the USA!! Check out the 2+2 thread HERE

We talk about the Mikes poker life on the road, and how he came to being a Surebetpoker.com sponsored pro playing in the WSOPE at Cannes this year!

Mike shares some great hints and advice on grinding live cash for a living.

You can check out Mikes personal website here http://www.mikewolfpoker.com/

Also, you can follow him on Twitter @Mikewolf7

Thanks so much again for your time Mike.

Enjoy the podcast.

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