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UK Player Max Silver


This is the first guest I’ve had on since I came back from Vegas last month. So apologies it’s been a while, but I’ve been really busy playing myself and I’ve wrote a few blogs, so I’ve not been lazy! HONEST!

I met Max in vegas when I was talking with the previous guest on the podcast, Nick Abou Risk (who just so happens to be good friends with Max).

We exchanged details and Max kindly agreed to come on the podcast for a chat.

Max final tabled the UKIPT Edinburgh in 2010 which his friend Mr Risk went on to win!

Not to be outdone, Max went and won UKIPT Dublin for himself in the same year.

Max is a regular face on the tournament scene and also plays cash games online.

I think what everyone should take from this podcast is the fact that Max only started playing seriously 2-3 years ago and is proof that if you work hard and run good!!…You can still do ok for yourself in the games that exist today!

You can follow Max on twitter @max_silver and his blog is

Enjoy the podcast.

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