Life Happens!

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“Life is what happens when you are making other plans” – John Lennon

I’m not a huge Beatles fan, I think they wrote some amazing pop tunes and some of their stuff is timeless and even amazing! But I think they are one of the most overrated bands in history! (but that’s another blog!)

However, I do agree with that quote by John Lennon!

People (especially poker players) tend to live through this sort of dialogue

“When this happens then I will do that”

If I had folded that river bet, I would have definitely made top 3 minimum!”


“I would like to do that, but I need this and that to happen before I can start”

All the while, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning!

Life goes on, you meet that girl, you get that parking ticket, you lose money, you win money, your team gets beat, your team wins, someone you know dies, and you get another parking ticket while at their funeral! ad infinitum!

Regular life still happens while you have these grandiose dreams and ambitions (that most of us put on the back burner until another day) if you are not careful, before you know it you are in a box with a massive unfinished to do list!!

However, sometimes things come out of nowhere and surprise us!

This picture was taking in September at WSOPE 2009

I’m sure you are all aware that is Phil Hellmuth! (CLICK HERE FOR MY INTERVIEW WITH HIM)

Well, amongst all the other faces in that picture is ME! (Extreme top right)

What is crazy to me, is that a year later (almost to the month) I would start

I had no idea at that point in time when the picture was taken, that only 13 months later, I would be speaking with Phil Hellmuth over skype for a 30 minute chat! It just happened.

It seems that is starting to have a life of it’s own…my life!

I find myself continually amazed that people who I have never met, from lots of different countries, kindly take the time to email/tweet and facebook me to say how much they enjoyed an interview etc.

In truth, I originally started for myself! As a way to get info/tips/ANYTHING from true poker greats that have seen and done it all more than once!

But now, I really enjoy working on for my faithful few followers and listeners!

I aim to continue to bring you more interviews, to get more people listening.

If one of you take something from the interviews that changes your game, an aspect of your life or even makes you start to think differently and more constructively.

Then I will consider it a success.

Like most things in life, happened while I was making other plans 😉

This is kind of a ramble, and I’m not sure what you can take from it.

SO…the key thing I would derive from my own stream of consciousness you have just endured would be this…….

If you have an idea or goal….JUST START….don’t wait on things to be perfect because this is a paradox! Oh and NEVER EVER wait until a Monday to do so 😉




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