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The one, the only, Devilfish

devilfish is a form of:

noun /ˈdevəlˌfiSH/
devilfish, plural; devilfishes, plural

1 . Any of a number of marine creatures that are perceived as having a sinister appearance, in particular a devil ray, a stonefish, or an octopus or squid

2. A poker playing and gambling legend from Hull, UK. Who has won a WSOP bracelet and WPT title to his name (amongst many other tournament successes)  He has also played in the highest cash games in Bobbys room, he is old school, extremely talented, funny guy and has a big heart.

First of all, get yourself a copy of his new book. It is a great read, filled with amazing stories from an amazing life.

Devilfish has only been on twitter for a short time (follow him @devilfish2011) but he has already gathered a large following. He has been tweeting regularly with his typical jokes,wit and dry humour. GET FOLLOWING HIM, you know it makes sense!

The Devilfish is currently looking for a sponsor. I would suggest any poker room that is looking to gain great coverage at live events and have a true top name in poker represent their site, then they should give the man a call!!!

I usually write a large introduction to the podcast, but with the Devilfish, there is simply no need!

Just listen and enjoy. (please note this podcast contains explicit language and jokes of a sexual nature! OBVIOUSLY!)

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