Ask Alex Episode 202 “Last Show Of 2018”

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This is Episode 202  of “Ask Alex” on the podcast.

The last show of 2018

This week’s Ask Alex is the last show of 2018! Before mass panic ensues, we can assure you we will be returning in the New Year! I’m taking December off to watch a ton of box sets and fully enjoy the festive season! This is a great episode to end the year on. We are now giving away 3 copies of Alex’s new book. Alex answers some great listener questions and is also offering Live Poker 101 for only $99. Thanks to everyone of you who have listened this year and to all the people who took the time to send in questions. See you all in 2019. Cheers.

Alex has a brand new video for you to enjoy. “The 5 Ways You Destroy Your Tournament Results” You can watch it at this link below.

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