Ask Alex Episode 100 “HUNDO!”

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This is Episode 100  of “Ask Alex” on the podcast.

In 100 episodes, we hope we have helped you make some more of these (or at least not lose as many!)


Myself & Alex thank you all for listening to us rant and rave and sometimes answer some of your questions for 100 shows. We both really appreciate you all listening. Cheers.

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In this episode we cover many topics and listeners questions including...

Alex talks about your “Opening Game” what to work on and think about.

Advice for a listener playing in day 2 of a live tournament.

Plus we run a competition to get a FREE COPY of Alex’s new book that’s available on PRE-ORDER now. “The Myth Of Poker Talent” (Listen to the show for details on how to enter).

Plus lots more Poker chat covered!


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Many of you guys play $50 NL and $10 tournaments, so I know hundreds of dollars is worth a lot to you, so this made me really happy.

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